served through ways which are considered unethical.

The formula given in Red Harvest therefore could just as well work in India. Vajpayee is finding it tough to control the ruffians and hatchetmen with whose help he had come to power. After having put him in the throne, they have taken over the country for their spoils, ignoring him altogether. In one of his future trips to Europe or the USA, he may therefore explore the possibility of hiring a detective agency to clean up the mess over which he is presiding in India. If the gangsters and hoodlums can be made to have their knives at each other's backs, they will be doing our work for us. And if it is at the instance of a US detective agency, all the better ! It would not surely hurt

Vajpaee’s Swadeshi sentiments,since he has already invited the US FBI to  open an office here. Let us not however deceive ourselves with the hope that we shall see the end of thuggery in India. The parting words of the detective to the boss of Poisonville in Hammett's novel, after he had got rid of the mess, were : ‘‘You’ll have your city back, all nice and clean and ready to go to the dogs again.’’ Given our people and our leaders, we are also sure to go back to the dogs, even after we get rid of the present mob of ganglords and hired assassins, crooks and swindlers. But still, their departure even for a brief period would offer some respite, some clean breathing space for the growth and sustenance of a better generation of Indians.