The Enemy

I K Shukla


Two extremely stark features of Indian polity today stare one in the face. One, the defiant upswing in the crimes of the anti-national forces led by the rabidly communal outfits of the so-called Hindutwa. Two, the supine and comatose response of the progressives and the so-called ‘‘civil society’’ to these fascist thugs. This inaction on the part of those presumably aware of India’s inveterate traitors and cowards, now mutated into communal terrorists, is, to put it mildly, breathtaking. This lack of response has been interpreted by the saffron bullies and bandits as endorsement of their tribal Talibanism. It is depressingly evident that the political parties, including those of the Left, are both unwillig and unable to take on the ugly monster of erstaz Hinduism which is alien to the soil of India, and which is a clone of Italy’s fascists and Germany’s national socialists. Its ideological inspiration, its institutional layout, its intent, its insensate and inhuman totalitarianism all owe their origin to foreign models of meanness, immorality, and ethenocide. The Nazis are still being hunted even if their crimes can’t be undone. It would be much more desirable that the Hindunazis be stopped in their tracks right now if we wish to avoid witnessing the massive bloodbaths they portend and plan. Their bid to hack India into chimerical pieces, and demolish it beyond recognition, if it doesn’t abide by their nostrums, is no more a verbal threat; it is ominious, it is obvious. We would ignore or soft-pedal it at our colossal peril. It is the saffronites’ desperate vote hunt that impelled the formation of three new states out of Hindi heartland, not any voice of reason or democratic altruism. It fits well in their overall design of capturing power by hook or crook. Unless this fact is digested well we will not have realized how the deadly earnest preparation for the final poll has begun. To keep the privileged ones in power and pelf, and to assert their eternal right to social hegemony and political domination, the Hindunazis would resort to both ‘‘legal’’ (law bent to their whim) and illegal means (brigandge and blood-letting).This is violent drive for perpetuating economic disparities and societal iniquities does away in one fell swoop with the Constitution and destroys the egalitarian ideal and pluralistic impulse of the nation. Therefore, it denies the glorious and great contribution of the ‘‘minorities’’ to the historical edifice of India, it debars them from celebrating the holistic heritage of so richly endowed an ancient nation, it deflects the liberationist and emancipationist demands of the masses and drowns them in sectarian and communal holocausts. With the aid of this assiduously spread miasma it dodges the searchlight into its treasonous antecedents and noisome agenda. That it has voluminous financial resources at its command, both indigenous and foreign, and doesn’t want them probed, is now fairly well known. It is this licit and illicit till that it seeks to hide zealously. Anyone seeking to scrutinize this ill-gotten hoard will be persecuted and hounded as is borne out by notorious case of Vishwa Bandhu Gupta, an Income Tax Officer. It is the guilt and fear of its own exposure that prods it to call intermittently for a probe into the ‘‘foreign’’ funds of the Christians, as if that is a mystery for the Home Ministry. This device of deception and deflections is a weapon well honed by Hindunazis for purposes too dark and diabolical for comfort. Out of such a horror hat are conjured ‘‘conversion’’ and Kargil, the former to terrorize the Christians, the latter to tyrannize over the Muslims, and thus ‘‘Indianize’’ them both. This trick absolves the Hindutwa governments, federal and state, of the duties and responsibilites entailed in governance. Disruption and subversion thus assigned to the ISI of Pakistan. Hindutwa hordes become free to pursue and execute their agenda of purging Bharat of the impure ‘‘foreigners’’ i.e, Muslims, Christians, and Dalits (Buddhists, who became ‘‘foreign’’ millennia ago). Thus the imperatives of universal health care, urban sanitation, primary universal education, rent control, expansion of mass transit, building national infrastructure, streamling the judicial system, equitably distributing land among the tillers, cracking down on the incessant cycle of communal and casteist carnage, hanging the adulterators, corralling the corrupt and communalists in the police and bureaucracy all become flimsy disposables to be thrown by the roadside. And, in their

place, building of temples by gangsters stealing prime property, misappropriating Church-Mosque-Idgah-Kabristan lands, using the same as a perennial source of personal income—this becomes the major task of RSS-BJP-VHP-BD-SJM goons in the name of building a new and pure Bharat, free of  ‘‘foreigners’’ alongside selling the national resources for peanuts and pocketing massive amounts of kick-money. This is business (‘‘religious’’ and ‘‘patriotic’’, ‘‘cultural’’ and ‘‘nationalist’’) as banditry. Which explains why it needs and trains its paramilitary auxiliaries for executing its nefarious and seditious designs. Since Hindunazis erase a thousand years of Indian history, since the reprobate neo-Hindus disown the national heritage, since they dishonor the national flag and national anthem, since they defy the democratic-secular-pluralistic ethos of the nation, since they repudiate the hoary and enviable tradition of diverse peoples constituting and continually enriching India, since they pioneered the splinteing of India along communal lines (the latest is their drive for trifurcating Kashmir), since they are selling out to foreigners our sovereignty in the national resources and mortgaging the future of our people to a predatory and militaristic imperialism indulging in bottomless profiteering for selves and party, since they betray the national interest again as they did in the past, since they owe allegiance not to Indian history, Indian people, Indian heritage, but to foreigners of  feral fame, since they never repented or apologized for their crimes past and current, since they persist in their lies and lethal ventures, they have proved by their misdeeds that they are irredeemable enemies of India. Should they be tolerated in a democratic polity? It is, for this reason, incumbent on every Indian worth his salt, not to wait for the political parties and the NGOs to deliver and take cudgels on his behalf. When masses are consigned to the dustbin after being used and abused as vote banks, when terror is employed to dragoon the voters, when dollops of filthy money, drink, and fraud become the legitimate instruments of parliamentary power-grab, when the legislature becomes the sanctuary of the corrupt and the den of the cirminals, when anti-social and anti-naitonal scum of the nation prescribe a mutilated freak and disgraceful fraud as ‘‘patriotism’’, when the metro media becomes a tool in the hands of the enemies of the nation, when discredited and diabolical alien ideologies of hatred and violence, exclusion and intolerance are inducted and inculcated in the populace, when all that made India uniquely great as a continental nation subsuming a slew of full-fledged nationalities is being consigned to flames it is time for the ordinary and common citizens to stand up, be counted, and counter the conspirators and their foreign cohorts. And, fascists have historically, been dear to the imperium. They have always received, and will continue to receive, massive monetary and military aid from their imperialist patrons and foreign mentors to crush nationalist assertion and people’s resistance. This threat looms large on the Indian horizon. Unless the people forge soon a nation-wide anti-fascist peoples’ front, all will be lost irretrievably. It is towards this that they (workers, peasants, students, the deprived and oppressed sections) must bend their energies, their minds, their resources. India had never faced such an implacable enemy, such a diehard fifth column, entrenched in the polity and ensconced in the society. It can’t be left to the mercies of criminals bent on its destruction, its dismantling brick by hallowed brick, its relentless demolition by perfidious and profane perverts. This India of historical antiquity and a vibrant culture must not be allowed to be wiped off the map of the world. It took millennia to build. The roving death squads and rampaging demolition gangs, under the benign watch of the state, can destroy it in a jiffy going at it hammer and tong. Call however loudly, cry however hoarse and long, they, destitute and deprecatory or everything Indian, will never Indianize themselves. To camouflage their obstreperous bigotry, obscurantist obduracy, moral opacity, innate inferiority, and historical handicap, they call for millions of natives (‘‘others’’) to ‘‘Bharatize’’. That is, vaporize. Puppets, polluters, and profiteers, assassins and arsonists, they float and flap in their caverns of them, who do. Let  them defend it with all their might for the values they cherish for peace in the sub-continent, and progress towards justice and prosperity within the nation. Let them cleanse India of the absolute evil that Hindutwa embodies.