Cultural Past


Essays in Early Indian History

Romila Thapar


Cultural Pasts is a collection of papers and lectures on a range of subjects pertaining to early Indian History, written over the last thirty and published in various journals. Their collective publication makes them more accessible. The focus of much of the contents of this collection is historiography and on the changing dimensions of social and cultural history. They have been grouped thematically so as to give direction to the focus.


The nine thematic groups are historiography, which includes essays on modern writing on early India as well as historical perceptions of the past in earlier periods ; social and cultural transaction ;

archaeology and history ; pre-Mauryan and Mauryan India ; forms of exchange ; the society of the heroes in the epics and the later tradition of venerating the hero ; genealogies and origin myths as historical sources ; the social context of the renouncer ; the past in the present - the use man made of the early past in the ideologies of the present.


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