A Taste Of Raj

S.B Writes:


The West Bengal Chief Minister has two enemies to take on: the Trinamul-BJP combine and the ‘bourgeois’ press. Whenever he gets an opportunity, he routinely lashes out at these two ‘enemies’ and tries to make out that they are out to disprove the historic achievements of the Left Front Government headed by him. What the octogenarian Chief Minister seems to have forgotten is that in a democracy a ruling party has to contend with the opposition by rule and  the press, often controlled by corporate bodies cannot be expected to lend ideological support to the government on every occasion. Why does the CM then cry himself hoarse about it? A veteran, experienced politician that he is, Jyoti Basu

certainly  knows all these things but in recent times, tirade against the press has become a refrain of his every speech. Basu, once known for his reasoned speech as an opposition leader, seems to have completely lost this faculty and his recent remarks have no political content at all. This a clear sign of the bankrupcy that has plagued his party. The CPI(M) is now desperately trying to cling to power even as its mass base is on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately there is no  opposition force in West Bengal that can take on the LF Govt in political terms. Take for example the recent CAG report which has exposed official corruption and irregularities in almost every sphere. But no political party has been able to use it as a political campaign against the fake claims of the Government. While the Congress is battling for life, the Trinamul is resorting to violence in the countryside on the line of the CPI(M). This is what politics has turned out to be in West Bengal.




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