Scp’s 9th Congress


Established in 1924, the Syrian Communist Party (SCP) is a significant power in the Syrian national field, firmly adopting and defending the demands of the workers and all of Syria.


Along with the ruling Baath Arab Socialist Party and other national and progressive parties, the SCP is a member of the National Progressive Front ever since its establishment in 1972.


The Party supports the Syrian patriotic stand that the just peace in the middle east region will not be realized without the full Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, including the Syrian Golan Heights, to the borders of June 4th, 1967.


The SCP makes every effort to develop the ties of International Solidarity with every anti-imperialist force, and in particular with the Communist Parties all over the world, in order to confront the imperialist schemes of hegemony and to stand for social progress and the triumph of Socialism.


The 9th congress of the SCP was held last month


Wisal Farhah Bagdash


Secretary General

of the CC of the SCP



Mother India


To most, India means communal politics, caste politics, crime, corruption and chaos. According to a study carried out by a non-government organization of Germany, India is one of the leading corrupt countries in the world amidst 41 countries. In fact, we are living in a land of scams. Every principle and value has been discarded in the race of riches. Divide, destroy and rule—lie and cheat — it does not matter. Not a single Minister, M. P. or M. L. A. of the country is free from corruption charges. In the name of election fund and party fund they collect Lakhs and Crores from smugglers, Mafias, blackmarketeers, top-businessmen, industrialists, landlords, liquor barons and others. To continue in power rulers give much importance to criminalisation of politics. Never an election is fought with clean money. Money and muscle power play a vital role in election. Politicians forget their electorate once they get elected. They remain busy to mint money. There is no democracy, only hypocrisy. BJP and Congress are actually two faces of the same coin. According to a recent survey — in crime the BJP ruled UP, Congress ruled Delhi State, RJD ruled Bihar have surpassed all the previous records. Communal riots, destruction of churches, brutal assault on Christians have become daily affair. Priest Arthur Chimanlal Rajwadi was brutally assaulted and paraded naked by communal forces on 22nd August 2000 in Surindernagar town of Gujrat, because he was peacefully and lawfully distributing Christian literatures. Definitely, it can’t be the handiwork of the ISI of Pakistan.


It is no more a secret that the Central government shamefully surrendered to US imperialism long back. The economic politics i.e., globalization, liberalization and privatisation policies followed



by Central Govt. as well as by State governments are mainly responsible for the abnormal price rise, growing unemployment, abject poverty, starvation deaths, poor peasants, child selling etc.etc.,


Fight against fundamentalism cannot succeed without a sustained struggle against corporate capital. To bring a revolutionary change in the country, there should be a militant mass movement against the ruling class parties and their anti-people and corrupt reforming culture.


Abir Padhy






In response to A B’s note on Shyamaprasad in your esteemed weekly dated September 10-23 we have a few questions to raise. Bangladesh got out of the shackles of Islamabad as a result of cultural and ethnic underpinnings of Bengal. But it is a fact that since partition a large number of Bengali Hindus migrated to West Bengal being apprehensive of the communal tension pervading over Bangladesh. Shyamaprasad fulminated against the politically purblind role of Sarat Bose and Abul Hasim with a stentorian voice ‘Sovereign Bengal is a sugarcoated alternative to Pakistan’. Could we unequivocally declare that Bengali Hindus were safe and sound under the Muslim Rulers others than Muzibar Rahman and his daughter Sheikh Hasina? A B cynically brushes aside the positive achievement of Shyamaprasad. Shyamaprasad rendered yeoman’s service in the great Bengal Famine as a saviour to the suffering humanity irrespective of caste and creed. Samar Sen declared in his own impish obiter dictum that he was not a relative of Shyamaprasad. It is a fact that nepotism had been running rampant since the days of Sir Ashutosh. In this connection I refer to a fact that Dr Dinesh Chandra Sen once warned his dear pupil Prof Janardan Chakraborty not to appear at the MA Examination in the same year with Shyamaprasad. But it is also a fact that Shyamaprasad  invited many eminent Professors of the under graduate Colleges as Part-time Lecturers in the Calcutta University. He did many other good deeds, worthy of emulation in his tenure as Vice-Chancellor. Today we are shocked at the unabashed political manoeuvrings in the seat of learning. A few indiscreet remarks in favour of caste Hindus in a diary do not take away from the sincerity of the unstinted effort of Shyamaprasad for promoting peace and amity between the two warring religious communities in Bengal. In most of the cases Shyamaprasad condemned the British Rulers who invariably drove a wedge between the Hindus and the Muslims.


In the end I quote a few lines from Dickens’s pickwick papers poohpoohing the sinister effort of stigmatising Shyamaprasad as an unmitigated communal statesman ‘‘Some men like bats or owls have better eyes for the darkness than for the light’’.


Debal Kumar Chakravarti










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