end of constitutional monarchy in Nepal but only want a real people’s multi-party democracy under existing setup. It is interesting to note that except for the Communist Party of Nepal (Moaist), which is presently waging a serious armed struggle against the Government, no other party or group in Nepal advances the slogan of Republic i.e. of the end of monarchy constitutional or otherwise.

At present only the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is waging armed struggle against the Government. We consider it an ultra-left party. However this Maoist party has strong base in the mountainous and forest districts of terai region in districts like Rukm, Polpa, Putha, Salyan, jajarkot, etc. They are running a parallel government in at least one district. They are attacking police detachments also. Many of the guerillas are ex-military personnel and are more efficient than the police in battle. They have formed into regular squads and battalions and are waging a regular guerillas war against the State. Krishna Prasad Bhattaray, the former Prime Minister, was willing to negotiate with them and effect a peaceful settlement.

They also responded favourably and declared that they would send one or two important leaders for negotiations. However, Bhattaray had to meet with

opposition and dissent from his own Nepali Congress and was dislodged. The present P M Girja Prasad Koirala is not popular at all. He has become Prime Minister for the 4th time now. He is taking a tough line and wants to violently suppress the Maoist struggle. Under his rule, in some places whole villages are being burnt away by the police in the name of suppressing Maoist struggle. We very much oppose this repressive policy and want that negotiations and peaceful measures should be resorted to by the Government. We are hopeful that the present Koirala Government will fall soon and the next Government would undertake peaceful negotiations with the Maosits.

The People’s War group of India has definite contacts with this Maoist party. and many of the secret conferences of this Maoist party take place in India (i.e in the border region on Indian side.)

Nepalese people are quite resentful of the Big Brother attitude of New Delhi though they have friendly and cordial attitude towards Indian people. So we strongly oppose the present Maha Kosi Treaty between Nepal and India concerning the sharing and management of Nepalese river waters and demand justice to Nepal in this matter.