Who are the Alisenas?

Khagen Das


There are murmurings among a section of revolutionaries that attack or punishment of the members of Alisena is tantamount to incitement of communalism. Hence this should be stopped immediately. Even the CPI(ML) People’s War have joined this vicious propaganda to malign the revolutionary peasant armed struggles. But the question is who are the Alisenas? We may have an idea about the character and activitees of the Alisena from the reports published in the Hindi newspapers ‘Pravat Khabar’ (1.5.99) and ‘Bananchal Prahari’ (23.5.99) of Bihar.


The reporter of the ‘Pravat Khabar’ questioned the Area commander of People’s War, Pappu Singh, how much it is time the saying that newly-formed ‘Alisena’ is a branch organisation of ‘People’s War’?


Pappu Singh answered, ‘‘Alisena is not an armed force, but a branch organisation of People’s War. MCC has declared them Alisena. People’s War does not make revolution of any caste or creed in the name of Alisena, but the MCC does. In this area this organisation (Alisena) has many workers and they are performing good jobs’’.

Now the report regarding Alisena with the tittle is given below.


Warning of Alisena


Those who will stay with MCC will face severe consequences :


Sunil Kumar Gupta, Bero, Ranchi :

There is a strong possibility of impending bloody clashes between ‘Alisena’, the reactionary extremist organisation comprising criminals of Muslim community engaged in evil-deeds and the banned Maoist Communist Centre which awarded punishment to the criminals of the Muslim community engaged in evil-deeds, after setting up People’s courts. Last Sunday, near the Narkopi railway station 40-50 members of Alisena caused serious injury to three tribal youths—Prakash Tigna, Tekna Oraon and Vogla Oraon thinking them members and supporters of MCC by beating with lathis. They broke the hands of a youth. At the time of leaving the place Alisena warned that those who would join the MCC must face the dreadful sequel. After this  incident the injured youths lodged a first information Report to the Bero Police station against the members of Alisena. According to police source the identity of two members of Alisena have been recognised (readers, please note the word Alisena has been used frequently and it is a downnight falsehood that MCC called them Alisena). One is the resident of Dumri (Mandor) named Hasan and the other one is the resident of Vanisadone (Bero) named Samsuddin. The police have accepted the FIR against these two.


In opinion of some of the residents of Narkopi in the month of last January in Narouli Jungle after sentencing the criminal Gaffar Ausan to death in the people’s court arranged by MCC, the mastan (mafia) dacoit-robbers engaged in various antisocial activities in the areas of Narkopi and its nearby surroundings organised this Alisena. MCC adopted strong steps to stop criminal activities in the area. As a result all the small and big criminals fled away leaving the area.


In fact in the last week of last January the criminals formed the Alisena and made the criminal Shabuddin, resident of the



village Dumri under Mandor P. S the chief of the Sena. Initially Alisena propagated and expanded as ‘village-defence corp’. They united all of the small and big criminals, contractors and the rangbaj (mastan) of the villages Dumri, Sero, Tangratoli, Karkasi, Serkopat, Chanho Ghaghra, Hatu, Nowantangh etc. They have much influence on P S and panchayats.


It has been known and the people of Narkopi and its adjacent villages have admitted that the branded criminals of this area are always at loggerheads with the tribal youths. These branded mastans forcibly collect money from the people of the area if they engage in any economic activities . This type of robber-looters beat the people excessibly if the latter refuse to pay. The youths who protest their evil-activities are beaten stamping them as MCC men. They scold the youths as supporters, workers and leaders of MCC and secretly send false reports to the police. As a result of which the people of the area have bitter grievances against the Alisena.


On May 4 this year the police arrested Kuldeep Oraon of Bazra, William Ming of Mukunda, Gonda Oraon of Tagratoli and Jeet Oraon of Narkopi and took them to the PS. They were interrogated throughout the night and were released next day. Being agitated for this incident the youths tell that the police harass them at the investigation of the Alisena.


On the first week of May a tribal youth named Sato Oraon was killed in the jungle of Balarampur and was kept in the river’s shoal covered with sand. The villages have clearly made known that the Alisena itself has killed him. After this incident clashes have occurred between the Alisena and MCC on occasions.


On May 11 200-250 members of MCC detained these members of Alisena and asked them to deposit their guns and beat them. On May 4th the father of Shabuddin was arrested. On that day the son of Shabuddin was injured at the explosion of a bomb during hiding the arms. He was treated secretly. Alisena has accumulated huge quantity of arms. MCC possess huge number of captured rifles and guns.


Meanwhile the general Secretary of Provincial Committee of Rastriya Janata Dal, Shahanwaj Nawyar Ansari has travelled the extremist affected region and denied the formation of Alisena. But the villagers of this region have complained that after formation of the Alisena disturbances have prevailed in the area. They have complained more that Md Rahuk Ansari of Tangratolee and Md Siddique Ansari of Bhaskandana are the active members of Alisena and they themselves are working in area after area for formation of Alisena.


From the above reports published in two regional papers it is quite clear that Alisena is an organisation of the notorious mastans and goondas although belonging to Muslim community. So a dacoit or mastan or a goonda must be punished by the revolutionary organisation like MCC  whether the criminals belong to Hindu or Muslim community. The action of MCC cannot be stamped as communalism. A mastan is a mastan, he cannot be immuned from punishment. Then how one will stamp MCC when they punished severely the ferocious and tyrant Hindu (specially Rajput) landlords of Dalalchok Baghoura, Bara, Tekri, Senani etc? Obviously the allegation that MCC is instigating communalism by punishing the notorious Muslim criminals is totally false and mischievous.