American Presidential Election

What do the American People Say ?


[Yankelovich Poll of 1,000 Americans, October 2000]

1.†††††††† As you may know, the number of deaths from AIDS is increasing. One in every twelve deaths in the world is now caused by AIDS, Would you favour or oppose an increase in US financial support for international AIDS prevention efforts and AIDS vaccine research?


81% Favour, 15% Oppose, 4% Donít Know


2.†††††††† There are 100 million children around the world living on the street with no home and no family. The US and other governments are already spending substantial amounts to help such children, but the problem is far from solved. Would you favour or oppose the US government, together with other governments, devoting more funds to help the worldís homeless children?


78% Favour, 18% Oppose, 4% Donít Know


3.†††††††† The majority of climate scientists in the US and around the world believe that the burning of oil, coal and gas is causing the planet to heat up, creating the risk of violent changes in our climate. A few scientists disagree. Would you favour or oppose the government shifting financial support away from oil, coal and gasóto clean energy,such as wind and solar power?


68% Favour 23% Oppose, 9% Donít Know


4.†††††††† Would you favour or oppose strengthening the United Nations so that it can more effectively protect the global environment?


67% Favour, 28% Oppose, 5% Donít Know


5.†††††††† The US and other countries often donít want to risk the lives of their own soldiers to help prevent mass murder or genocide elsewhere in the world. As a result, it has been suggested that a permanent UN force be created that is made up of individual volunteers ready to be sent quickly to conflict areas to stop the violence. Would you favour or oppose the creation of such a force to help prevent mass murder around the world ?



65% Favour, 29% Oppose, 6% Donít know


6.†††††††† A treaty has been negotiated to set up an International Criminal Court to bring individuals to justice for crimes of genocide, war crimes or other major abuses of human rights if their own country wonít try them. Would you favour or oppose the US signing the treaty ?


66% Favour, 24% Oppose, 10% Donít Know


7.†††††††† An increasing number of important decisions are made in international institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank or the World Trade Organization. The people making the decisions are either representatives of national governments or employees of the international organizations. There have been proposals for a Peopleís Assembly at the United Nations, directly elected by the worldís citizens, to hold those international organizations democratically accountable to the public. Would you favour or oppose the creation of such a UN Peopleís Assembly?


57% Favour, 30% Oppose, 13% Donít Know


8.†††††††† In an election for President or the US Congress, would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate who supports a stronger UN to help keep the peace, protect the global environment and combat world poverty ?


69% More Likely, 17% Less Likely, 10% Neither, 4% Donít know


[The survey was carried out by Yankelouvich Partners for EarthAction. 1,010 Americans aged 18 and over were interviewed by telephone between Oct. 6 and Oct. 9. 2000. The sample was weighted to accurately represent the national population in terms of age, gender, geographic region and race. The margin of erroe is Ī3.1 %]



[ Source : The Nation ]